James Farmer Jr. and Morris Milgram were black and white co-founders of Fund for an OPEN Society in 1975 after both men had become established civil rights and open housing leaders. While not the only or the most renown integrationists, their innovative work remains extraordinary and ahead of its time.

In addition to organizing the Freedom Rides in the South in 1947, Mr. Farmer was a politician, theologian, advocate, author and organizational leader.

Mr. Milgram was a housing builder focused on racially integrated development, marketing and community relations. To his credit are integrated neighborhoods like Greenbelt Knoll in Philadelphia - and many more in other states nationwide - serving over 20,000 people.

OPEN and its affiliated companies accomplished their work through development, financing, pro-integrative mortgages, affirmative marketing, community development programs and policy advocacy.

The legacy of Farmer and Milgram lives on through Fund for an OPEN Society.
Above: James Farmer Jr.
Right: Morris Milgram

Courtesy JFKlibrary.org and Chicagodsa.org
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