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Integration is a continuous, measurable process. More integration is good as compared to segregation.

Integration is different parts coming together into one new 'whole.' If managed thoughtfully and deliberately, benefits are realized and limitations are overcome.
What is integration? Why do we care today?

Integration is fundamentally American. Today, however, we observe that still more integration both racially and socioeconomically could be achieved in our neighborhoods, schools and institutions of leadership, business and leisure.

Integration is often thought of as a 'people of color concern.' That idea was - and is still - an innacurate reduction. Because integration can benefit everyone and its absence can harm anyone, we encourage all to work towards it.

Critically, we believe that integration is the key to stability and prosperity. The pillars of stability and prosperity take three forms: economic, social and personal.

"Faith is taking the first step..."

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A network for integration

Documenting and sharing
the best practices

Providing direct consulting
and leadership coaching
We are creating a database and a social networking platform that includes the communities, organizations and people who work for integration
We are recording and creating new knowledge about the practical tools of integration from the experiences of those who know the work best
We are available for training, workshops and leadership development based around our innovative '5Cs' approach to building community cohesion